Conventional Imaging

3D Breast Imaging
The breast imaging gives superb clarity for breast cancer screening that is far better than the traditional manual self check performed by physicians in the past. This ensures that our customers are able to detect any signs of disease early on and prevent that onset of more serious breast diseases so as to receive the correct and best treatments available. The special X-Ray techniques detect breast lesions, including cancer at an early stage.
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Bilateral Mammography (3D)

雙側乳房造影 (三維)

Bilateral Mammography (3D) + Ultrasound of Breasts

雙側乳房造影 (三維) + 乳房超聲波掃描

Mammography (3D) for Augmented Breasts (8 Views)

特殊乳腺X光造影 (三維)

Mammography (3D) for Augmented Breasts (8 Views) + Ultrasound Breasts

特殊乳腺X光造影 (三維) + 乳房超聲波掃描

Bilateral Mammography (3D) + 3T MRI Breasts with Contrast

雙側乳房造影 (三維) + 乳房顯影磁力共振掃描 (3T)

Post Mastectomy (One Side) Mammography (3D)

單側乳房造影 (三維) (乳房切除後)

Post Mastectomy (One Side) Mammography (3D) + Ultrasound of Breast (Unilateral Breast + Unilateral Chest Wall)

單側乳房造影 (三維) (乳房切除後) + 乳房超聲波掃描